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Youth Counselor Resume

Youth Counselor
Christian Organization, Town, XX                                                          Date – Date
• Interfaced directly with male/female teenagers on an individual and group basis.
• Counseled and educated on substance abuse awareness and prevention.
• Conducted group sessions to discuss social responsibilities and family values.
• Demonstrated an ability to easily establish a rapport and trusting relationships.
• Played an integral role in instilling a sense of self worth and team spirit.
• Chaperoned youth to group retreats and encouraged / strengthened social skills.
• Organized fundraisers to support youth group activities; encouraged participation.
• Taught responsible money management skills through proper allocation of funds.
• Spoke publicly at various events with youth groups of up to 150 participants
• Developed and implemented a budget plan that is currently used by management.
     College, Town, XX
     Associates in Social Work  

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