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Social Worker Mental Health Counselor Resume

Mental Health Counselor
Position in the mental health field working with individuals in need of counseling
Direct Client Care
• Ensuring that clients are productively involved through employment and/or social activities.
• Teaching various techniques to improve the socialization skills of mentally ill clients.
• Counseling clients in areas of proper nutrition, housekeeping, budgeting and transportation.
• Advising clients on the use of medication stressing its importance, benefits and adverse effects.
• Caring for seizure and emergency care clients; trained to be on-call in case of personal or medical crisis.
• Utilizing SCIP techniques in a professional manner to prevent injury to client and others.
• Acting as an advocate for clients’ rights.
Client Assessment & Evaluation
• Participating in the implementation of client care plans encompassing therapeutic, recreational and occupational therapies, dietary plans, and Social Service intervention.
• Setting individual client goals on a quarterly basis designed to facilitate behavior modification.
• Maintaining confidential and timely documentation for client assessment; preparing comprehensive progress reports.
• Arranging scheduled meetings between clients, case workers and psychiatrists.
Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology
with a concentration in Business Administration, XXXX 
Graduated cum laude
CPR Certified   
Volunteer Position, Organization, Dates 

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