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Signalman Lineman Resume

Signalman / Lineman / Splicer
       Signalman / Lineman / Splicer position bringing strong experience, credentials and technical skills.
• 12-years of electronics / mechanical experience as signalman / lineman and splicer.
• Complete field assignments under minimal supervision.
• Take the initiative to learn new equipment, technologies, and troubleshooting procedures.
• Willing to work long hours and additional shifts to complete a job.
• Exercise independent judgment; take measures to ensure on-the-job safety. 
• Fluently speak, read and write Spanish.
       Company One, Town, US       date to date
• Perform aerial and manhole splicing utilizing U1B Scotchlock connectors and pick-a-bonds ranging from 16AWG to 24AWG; complete the procedure with a splicer enclosure.
• Strip, clean and terminate cable onto cable box terminal strips and/or blocks.
• Drop wire, house cable, construct amphenols and install/replace telephone equipment. 
      Company One, Town, US       date to date
      Signalman / Lineman
• SET UP JOBS: Construction of pole lines, pole climbing, running messenger, bull rope, and lashingup cable ranging from 1” to 3” in diameter.
• LINE TRUCK OPERATION: Pull cable through aerial messenger rollers followed by lashing and dropping the cable down the pole into the cable box case.
• Remove and run cable through manhole ducts.
CDL – Class A License, 1986
Any Town Community College, Any Town, US
Certificate in Electronics Technology 
Any Town High School, Any Town, US
Two-year Career Development Program, Machine Shop Skills

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