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School Counselor Resume Sample

School counselor position with an inner city school district, offering six years of valuable experience working with and advocating for at risk students.
Any Town State Permanent Certification in School Counseling
University of Any State
Bachelor of Science in School Counseling
School, Town, US                                                           Date to Current
Middle School Counselor
• Hold individual and group counseling sessions to identify and work through issues affecting academics and social behavior; explore conflicts between middle school female students.
• Work closely with peer leaders to provide tools and support to assist other students.
• Conduct extensive research to guide students in areas of college selection and career choices.
• Gained partnership with community businesses to create career opportunities for students.
• Participate in weekly counseling-focused Interdisciplinary Team meetings.
• Partner with faculty members on the development of subject-specific written communications.
School, Town, US                                                           Date to Date
Middle School Counselor

• Counseled youth on a daily basis, both individually and in groups.
• Provided a safe environment for youth, and advocate for students with special needs.
• Assisted with a website development project for parents and students to access resources.
• Communicated with parents to discuss concerns and coordinate weekly Attendance workshops.
• Attended district wide faculty meetings and participated in monthly staff meetings.
MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint; iCounselor

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