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There are many types of stores that need managers to handle retail operations. This includes making sure all inventory is ordered, received, unpacked, counted, tracked, stocked, and merchandised effectively on the shelves and in end caps to increase sales. In addition to inventory, a store manager must control theft (shrink) and forecast sales to understand how the store is performing. Being able to train, schedule and develop associates on the floor, in the back, at the registers, and on the sales floor is critical. Include a balanced overview of what you do as a store manager, as well as special projects such as community events, in-store safety programs, and employee recognition awards.
Draw from job ads to add keywords to your resume that match the job requirements for credentialing coordinators. You will score better on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).
Total Store Operations            Sales Management
Staff Leadership                        Customer Service
Merchandising                           Marketing & Promotions
Inventory Controls                   Payroll Preparation
Event Coordination                  Sales Forecasting & Reporting

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