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Resume Tips – Accounting


Ideas to improve your accounting resume

How can you improve an accountant / accounting resume?

For those outside of the accounting field it seems like a boring job, but for experienced accountants, they feel the opposite. There are always deadlines and new regulations to learn. There are also certain accounts that are managed and most importantly, special projects — from implementation of new accounting software to internal audits.

When you do your resume, be sure to strike a balance between the daily, expected tasks and your ad hoc (random) projects and special initiatives to make your resume shine. If you are in a supervisory role, show how you were behind the projects, from planning to execution with an emphasis on staff management.

Goal: to show more about the organization you work for, not just your responsibilities.

How to do it: create a mini paragraph that is more detailed and big picture. Then follow it with your responsibilities. Take the first bullet and expand on it like this:

Handle general accounting functions for three manufacturer of circuit boards for the aeronautics industry in all areas of account billings, collections, reconciliation, general ledger postings and month-end-closings with a main focus on accounts receivable functions.
Then add your responsibilities in the order of importance.
Be sure to add specifics to make it interesting.
Highlight your achievements with metrics.
Resume Tip: Consider
adding the number of accounts,
the revenue, the type of
trade show services, and
even account names if
well known and not confidential.


Manage corporate and municipal
accounts seeking trade
show services to display
at large venues and conventions nationwide.

Manage a corporate and municipal accounts, seeking trade show services to display at large venues such as $5M portfolio of 20 including ABC and Account XYZ, U-Beyond Expo held in 25 states.

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