Purchasing / Buying Agent – Automotive OEM Resume


Accomplished buying agent specialized in the automotive OEM manufacturing industry. Offer strong negotiating skills along with a proven ability to master purchase order systems and participate actively in cross-functional project teams. Proficiently use creative methods to manage inventories and supply agreements. Expertly understand complex equipment and construction projects. Maintain effective presentation and communication skills as well as strong finance, quantitative, and analytical skills. Solid background in computer based analytic tools. Industry knowledge includes Category Management and Supplier Relationship Management Processes, ISO, Quality Assurance and TQM standards. Experience in E-Commerce implementation, database development and inventory tracking procedures.


Company One, Town, US, date to date


• Purchase items in accordance with established policies and procedures.

• Expedite materials for facilities at a competitive rates that align with OEM marketplace cost drivers.

• Work directly with Corporate, business units, plant personnel, plant engineering and procurement to settle warranty and service issues with equipment suppliers.

• Settle claims disputes arising during construction projects.

• Manage and evaluate acquisition processes such as RFI, RFP, and contact negotiations.

• Develop supplier relationship management programs that focus on quality, productivity and innovation.

• Collect, analyze and monitor category specific information on spend, supplier performance, user adoption and compliance, standards and specifications, industry benchmarks.

• Perform value engineering analyses to support ongoing performance improvement and cost reduction of goods and services in assigned categories.

Company One, Town, US, date to date


• Interview and work closely vendors to obtain and develop desired products.

• Closely work with SQEs in a team to assess suppliers’ strengths and weaknesses.

• Prepare comprehensive quote packages with input from Engineering, SQA and Manufacturing.

• Review records of items purchased, costs, delivery, product performance, and inventories.

• Negotiate supplier price reductions in accordance with customer cost reduction initiatives.

• Confer with Cost Engineers, Engineering development team to understand design cost drivers, and with staff, users, and vendors to discuss defective or unacceptable goods or services.

• Evaluate and monitor contract performance to ensure compliance with contractual obligations.

• Monitor shipments to ensure that goods come in on time, and in the event of problems, trace shipments and follow up on undelivered goods.

• Analyze and monitor sales records, trends and economic conditions to anticipate consumer buying patterns and determine what the company will sell and how much inventory is needed.

• Ensure all Quality requirements are complied with and assist maintaining all required Quality forms.

• Uphold requirements of the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001 specifications.

• Identify concerns and initiate corrective actions relating to product, process, and quality systems.

• Initiate continuous improvement actions relating to product, process, and quality systems


University of Any State

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration


Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel; Oracle

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