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Order Fulfillment Coordinator Resume

If you work as an order fulfillment coordinator, be sure to include your wide range of experience, from processes and procedures to unique software applications and your involvement with sales and customer service. You want the reader to know that you are much more experienced than just placing orders. You want to demonstrate your knowledge of inventory controls, pricing for both brick-and-mortar and online stores.

There are so many things that take place, such as working with personnel in shipping to training sales and customer service associates to pulling items from stores if it means making a sale, to working with vendors to source new items and also working with IT people, whether in-house or outsourced, to make sure the company’s website is current in order to avoid losing sales or having to correct orders that were placed for out-of-stock items.

Also be sure to give yourself credit for things you’ve done to improve business, from processes and procedures and improving workflow efficiencies in order to increase the size of orders!


* Vastly experienced order fulfillment coordinator with 15+ years of specialized experience coordinating the logistics of order fulfillment for two companies.
* Offers a degree in logistics and company-led training in business management.
* Proficient in electronic order and cloud-based shipment management software for online processing and inter-department fulfillment operations.
* Ensures order fulfillment using a strong attention to detail.
* Hardworking and flexible; can work swing shifts and extra hours.
* Excellent sales and customer service acumen; ensures customer satisfaction.
* Works well with personnel to resolve issues with orders and shipping.


Precious Collectibles, Columbus, OH, 2003 – Present

Order Fulfillment
* Process a high volume of daily orders placed for unique collectibles and gifts by consumers at the online store, by phone at the order fulfillment center, and via a direct mail print catalog.
* Leverage extensive knowledge of inventory to support the preparation of quotes, the development of sales orders, and generation of detailed invoices.
* Interface between Shipping and customers concerning clearance items, shipping rates, fulfillment of backorders, and on orders with special restrictions and handling requirements.
* Upload orders to the system for access to the Shipping Department.
* Increase revenue by pulling merchandise out of stock from stores.
* Collaborate with IT and Purchasing departments concerning ongoing changes to online inventory, SKUs, images, and both new and discontinued merchandise.
* Prepare shipping labels and documents generated use a proprietary ERP shipping program.
* Take extra precautions to ensure inbound and outbound shipments are accurate and damage free.

Sales & Customer Service
* Communicate with customers to discuss merchandise availability, order status, payment processing – both domestic and international orders – including credit cards, PayPal, and wire transfers.
* Work with customers to resolve product issues and to expedite orders.
* Build relationships with established and prospective customers worldwide to ensure customer satisfaction, enhance the Precious’s reputation, and to drive customer referrals and repeat orders.

Staff / Departmental Operations
* Judiciously set priorities and schedule the fulfillment of orders.
* Establishes, implements and enforces policies and procedural guidelines working with all managers.
* Train staff in a large customer service department to ensure operations are productive and that personnel exercise a customer-centric attitude.

Smart Materials, Goodyear, AL, 1998 – 2003
* Efficiently managed the processing and fulfillment of bulk purchase orders for the sale and rental of educational materials shipped to school districts nationwide, from pre-K to high school level.
* Worked with school district personnel to assist with high-volume orders in readiness for each new school year, summer programs, and special fundraising events such as book sales.
* Conducted competitive research to identify trends in digital media.
* Assisted Purchasing with the sourcing of promotional materials.
* Built an expansive database of vendors to ensure availability of items.
* Reorganized the entire department and created product lists and sheets on discontinued items, new additions, and price changes to ensure all associates were properly informed and efficient.
* Chosen by Director to train Sales in inventory items and online tools.


Uptown Community College, Goodyear, AL
Associates in Logistics Management

Extensive company-led training in distribution management


MS Word and Excel; ERP; SAP;

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