Operating Room OR Nurse RN Resume

 Registered Nurse
Targeting an RN position on a medical-surgical unit within a 
progressive medical health center offering broad experience 
working in both hospital and nursing home setting on various units. 
Willing to work nights, weekends, or a flex-shift.
• Dedicated nurse respected by nursing teams as the go-to 
RN who shares nursing knowledge and who is always willing 
to mentor new nurses.
• Cares deeply for the well-being of patients; proactively 
advocates for patient rights and strives to ensure a 
patient’s dignity.
• Easily manages a heavy patient load; has a reputation 
as the “energizer bunny” who gets the job done, even 
on a long stretch of 12-hour shifts! 
• Adapts easily to changing hospital settings and 
work schedules. Can be depended on to fill in for 
another nurse at a moment’s notice.
• Maintains outstanding clinical and critical thinking 
skills used to provide competent patient care under 
stressful medical circumstances.
• Personable with a positive attitude; interfaces well 
with patients, families, and nursing staff. Create an 
environment that uplifts patients’ spirits.
Huntington Medical Center, Cedar, LA, 2011 – Present
OR Nurse
• Scrub and circulate on all surgical-related services, 
providing pre- and post-operative care in areas of 
orthopedic, vascular, neurological, general, plastics, 
laser, laparoscopic, and thoracic, as well as implantation 
of morphine pumps and bone growth stimulators.
• Demonstrate exceptional observation, assessment, 
and intervention skills while ensuring open lines of 
communication between patient, families, and medical 
teams in a fast-paced operating room unit.
• Provide in-service education for operating room staff 
members on laser and spine surgery with a focus on 
spine surgery equipment and procedures encompassing 
discectomies, fusion with instrumentation, and bone 
grafts in relation to scoliosis, spinal fractures, and decompressions.
Abundant Care Nursing Home, Okenee, LA, 2007 – 2011
Staff Nurse
• Provide pre- and post operative nursing care for 
8-10 adult and geriatric patients with musculoskeletal 
injuries and conditions including lumbar laminectomies 
and anterior/posterior cervical discectomies.
• Educate patients and their families on disease processes, 
medical-surgical procedures and other aspects of 
therapeutic regimens, including medication and 
pain management techniques.
• Administer oral and intramuscular and subcutaneous medications.
• Recommended and implemented changes to the 
Medical unit regarding assignment delegation and 
prioritization, resulting in a higher standard of 
patient care, and reassessed/revised plan of care.
Good Samaritan Hospital, Tynes, LA, 2003 – 2007 
Staff Nurse, Medical-Surgical Unit
• Provided direct patient care to pre- and post-operative 
orthopedic patients.
• Safely administered medications, and educate patients 
and their families on the proper use of braces, prosthetics, 
and orthopedic equipment with a focus on safety and 
pain management techniques.
• Collaborated effectively with an interdisciplinary team 
of medical and health care professionals comprised of 
a physician, nurse manager, dietician, social worker, 
case manager, and physical therapist.
• Precepted staff nurses in areas of patient care, policies, 
and procedures with demonstrated leadership skills.
Community Hospital, Victor Town, LA, 2001 – 2003
Licensed Practical Nurse
• Performed neurological testing to check patients for 
Homan’s Sign.
• Reviewed computerized laboratory test results following 
post dialysis, colonoscopies, ERCP, and surgeries.
• Provided a broad range of general nursing care services 
in areas of vital signs, EKG, phlebotomy, catheters, 
feeding tubes, IV and central lines.
• Prioritized and delegated assignments, contributing 
to a higher standard of patient care and staff retention.
• Monitored patients’ PPT/INR levels to identify the need 
for anticoagulant therapy, and for potential side effects 
of medications demonstrating strong observation, 
assessment, and intervention skills.
     Cornerstone University, Braunson, LA
     Bachelor of Nursing, 2003

     Cypress Community College, Braunson, LA
     Licensed Practical Nurse Certificate Program, 2003
    Registered Nurse License #000001-55 
    Licensed Practical Nursing License #000000-22