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IT Network Administrator Resume

Expertise combines 24-years of accomplished experience driving the success of IT administration through systems analysis, design, deployment, integration, security, and global access. Strategically defines and maps project scope, specifications, timelines, resources, and budget requirements from point of planning through execution. Leverages technology to fuel and support organizational success.
Select Areas of Network Administration / Project Management
* Strategic IT Planning * Implementation Design * Vendor & RFP Management
* Project Management * Pilot Testing to Deployment * Team Building & Development
* Network & Applications * IT Team Management * Efficiency Enhancement
* Budgeting & Cost Control * System Upgrades & Expansions * Workflow Optimization

Company, Town, US                                                           date to date
·       Determined hardware requirements and led network system planning and design for three regional locations.
·        Supervised procurement of computer assets reaching $12M annually.
·        Cut IT costs 25% through implementation of remote system maintenance and user support capabilities.
·        Delivered significant cost reductions for both day-to-day operations and specific project budgets.
·        Mapped LAN connections and led deployment of four servers with remote user access.
·        Constructed mobile IT infrastructures enabling users to work cohesively despite major geographic distances.
·        Planned and managed deployment of a leading enterprise information portal, improving organizational interconnectivity and data accessibility as well as file sharing and storage of data.
·        Analyzed accounting and user requirements, and devised a complete turnkey LAN and travel expense reporting system that replaced antiquated manual processing with electronic submission and reporting capabilities.
Company, Town, US                                                           date to date
·        Enhanced productivity via telecommuting while ensuring global, secure, virtual access to all system resources by establishing a terminal server web interface and Virtual Private Network.
·        Created accessibility to 19 applications by up to 41 concurrent users.
·        Delivered project on time at 98% of budgeted cost.
·        Eliminated redundancy, streamlined business processes, increased accountability, and clarified organization’s focus for provision of value-added services to internal/external clients.
·        Led the integration of grant management, fundraising, and accounting systems.
·        Eradicated laptop system failures for remote field operations and provided the means for users to repair their individual systems independently without affecting data.
·        Standardized laptop configurations organization-wide. Decreased dependency on IT support and virtually eliminated system downtime.
·        Achieved full system reliability / failure downtime limited to five minutes per instance through implementation of low-cost redundancy measures.
·        Created the systems and back-end support that ensured no loss of data for 17 consecutive years.
Company, Town, US                                                           date to date
·        Led planning and execution initiatives that were critical to building a lean, responsive IT organization with significantly enhanced capabilities in serving both internal and external customers.
·        Improved the quality and speed of communication and data sharing by directing the configuration and oversight of event management web services for global meetings.
·        Produced similar economies in cost and efficiency through rollout of paperless fax system as well as a software application to facilitate system inventory, users, and locations.
·        Working in tandem with the Business Development Unit, provided technical perspective in developing the system infrastructure design and budget for each of the organization’s project proposals.
·        Overcame budget-breaking expenses through purchase of technology assets in the U.S. and shipment to overseas partner locations.
·        Developed a comprehensive roadmap detailing recommendations for integration/consolidation of Organization’s four distinctly unique yet redundant websites into one common platform.

Operating Systems
Windows 3.x/NT/XP/Vista, NT Server
MS Exchange, Cisco IOS, Linksys
Cisco 2500 and 2600 series routers, Workstation,
Windows Server, Remote Assistance
Linksys Routers, Linksys VOIP router, Cisco Routers,  
Switches, and  Hubs
Windows, DOS / MS-DOS
College, Town, State
Bachelor of Science in Computer Networking
Microsoft Certified Engineer Professional  
Certified Technical Trainer 
CompTia Network+ Certified

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