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Media Coordinator Broadcasting and Communications Resume

Media Broadcasting

Accomplished media communications, broadcasting and marketing specialist with more than 15 years of experience in journalism / news reporting and media production / coordination. Highly creative with a talent for orchestrating the planning, development and execution of media projects. Maintains strong organizational, administrative, communication, technical, problem solving and time management skills. 

Media Company, Town, XX        Date – Present
Media Coordinator

* Coordinate national media campaigns that integrate traditional print and viral marketing strategies.
* Develop mutli-media plans to drive public awareness of the organization in niche markets. 
* Conduct online surveys to obtain feedback from targeted demographics.
* Revitalized obsolete media planning programs with the recruitment of communications students to bring fresh perspectives and knowledge of cutting-edge technology to the table.
TV Studio, Town, XX        Date – Date
Assistant Producer / Journalist
* Conducted field research and confirm news stories on political, health care and educational issues.
* Used grassroots tactics to gather information and material for both recorded and live broadcasts.
* Assisted with the production of public service announcements (PSA) and writing of press releases.
* Created an Intranet-based website to effectively communicate with 35 global office locations.
* Operated audio and satellite equipment to support the production of six weekly segments.
Network Station, Town, XX                                            Date – Date
Business Copy Desk Editor / Assistant Reporter
* Assisted in covering business stories for print and on-air production.
* Mastered the use of a 16 MM camera and editing equipment used for forecasts. 
* Managed daily deadlines and dealt with all facets of news and business processes within the industry
* Edited copy and designed layout of pages for the daily Business section and Sunday edition.

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