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Head Nurse Hospital (SICU) Nursing Home Resume

HEAD NURSE – Hospital / Nursing Home

Offers extensive experience providing quality patient care in critical care, fast-paced units that include medical surgical ICU and Emergency Room – Hospitals and Nursing Homes


Hospital, Town, XX                Date – Present
• Provide quality care for critically ill trauma, thoracic, neurological, orthopedic, vascular, and OB/GYN patients, demonstrating strong observation, assessment, and intervention skills.
• Assess patients’ clinical conditions utilizing invasive and non-invasive monitoring equipment including ICP, CVP, EKG, SPO2, A-line, Swan-Ganz catheter, ventilator and defibrillator.
• Facilitate the recovery process by educating surgical patients and their families in pre- and post operative, CAT scan and nuclear medicine procedures, medications and pain management.
• Maintain patients meeting brain death criteria for possible organ donation.
• Act as team leader on a weekly basis, overseeing unit responsibilities in areas of assignment delegation, direct patient care and employee scheduling.
• Develop and implement nursing care plans for admissions and transfers.
• Work collaboratively with medical staff and auxiliary personnel to address problems and concerns
Provide verbal reports on patients at close of shift.

Nursing Home, Town, XX               Date – Date
• Provided high-quality direct patient care to 50 geriatric patients.
• Supervised a staff of six CNAs, exercising strong team leadership skills in areas of assignment delegation, scheduling, and patient relations.
• Worked across various units, including medical surgical, respiratory, and psychiatric.
• Coordinated activities of daily living and patient services for residents/patients ranging from adult to geriatric with emotional and physical disabilities.
• Demonstrated strong observation, assessment, medical/crisis/agency intervention and counseling skills in areas of abuse and mental health problems.
• Worked closely with a diverse patient population that included AIDS/HIV and economically disadvantaged patients within a hospice and medical facility setting.
• Provided proper care with respect and dignity, and ensured the provision of adequate counseling and financial support services.
• Conducted patient interviews, documented information, developed and implemented treatment plans, addressed insurance problems, and efficiently handled case management issues.
• Administered control narcotics assuming full responsibility for possession of keys, strictly adhering to regulations requiring the witnessed counting and charting of medications during change of shift.
• Facilitated the recovery process by educating pre- and post operative patients and their families on medication, prevention, and pain management techniques.
• As a patient advocate, work collaboratively with medical staff and auxiliary personnel to address concerns.


College, Town, XX
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)


(State) Registered Nurse License #555555-55, XXXX

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