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First & Second Grade Teacher Resume


Most job ads for a school teacher can be found on a school district’s website or an online community job board. Few are listed in the local paper under the Employment section. Still, the details are skeletal. Unlike job ads outside of teaching, requirements are not detailed. 

Here are a few teacher resume tips:

An elementary teacher resume should list the objective statement (optional), certification section, and education section first.

The professional experience section is the third or forth section, depending. The focus should be on the type of classroom you teach such as regular or special education, the size of the classroom by mentioning the number of students, and anything important about the curriculum, such as IEPs. You should also mention the routine, such as working with resource room teacher, pullout teachers, push-in teachers, and members of a Committee On Special Education (CSE).

Detail lesson plans and units that you prepare and teach, and show how you implement them. For example, team-teaching or split schedule. Do not simply write, “prepare and teach lessons in all subject areas” because that is a given. Every teacher resume has that information, so you will want to differentiate yourself in an interesting way.

Show your involvement in after school programs, events, and activities, such as curriculum development and PTA meetings.

Here are key words for your teacher resume:

Classroom Management
Teaching and Assessing
Differentiated Instruction
Learning Centers
Individual Education Instruction (IEPs)
Lesson Planning
Integrated Units
Reading and Writing Workshops
Cooperative Education
Whole Language Approach
Teaching Methodologies
Learning Reinforcement
Behavior Modification


First & Second Grade Teacher Resume
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