First and Second Grade Teacher Resume

An elementary teacher resume should list the objective statement (optional), certification section, and education section first. The professional experience section is the third or forth section, depending. The focus should be on the type of classroom you teach such as regular or special education, the size of the classroom by  mentioning the number of students, and anything important about the curriculum, such as IEPs. You should also mention the routine, such as working with resource room teacher, pullout teachers, push-in teachers, and members of a Committee On Special Education (CSE).

Be sure to detail the types of lesson plans and units you prepare and teach, and how you deliver it. For example, team-teaching or split schedule. Do not make the mistake of simply writing, “prepare and teach lessons in all subject areas” because that is a given. Every teacher resume has that information, so you will want to differentiate yourself from your competition. Speaking of which, use key word to show how you teach, such as differentiated instruction, cooperative education, and learning centers. Also show how you get involved in after school programs and school-wide events and activities, such as curriculum development and PTA meetings.



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Dedicated elementary education teacher who enjoys inspiring young minds to become lifelong learners within a public school setting.


Dually certified to teach (permanent) regular and special education.


• Five years of experience teaching regular and special education, grades K-6 in a private school.
• Masters degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Information Technology.
• Extensive experience on school improvement committees and after-school activities / programs.


Jefferson Elementary, Dallas, TX                      20011 – Present
Teacher – First and Second Grades
• Teach special education students in a self-contained 15:1:1 classroom setting.
• Maintain excellent classroom management skills and an ability to keep students on task.
• Use behavior modification techniques as a motivator for improving conduct and encouraging participation.
• Integrate multiple teaching styles to intensify the range of learning.
• Supervise stimulating math learning centers utilizing various manipulative.
• Teach guided reading lessons to model questioning, clarification, and problem solving techniques.
• Assist with the formulation of Individual Education Programs, and generate quarterly report cards.
• Evaluate student progress and support recommendations for further student development.
• Attend and participate in Special Education Staff Conferences and CSE Annual Review Meetings.

Peachtree Elementary, Dallas, TX                     2008 – 2011
Teacher – Second Grade
• Taught a second grade regular education class with 32 multicultural students.
• Utilized multiple teaching methods such as visual, tactical, and auditory materials to simplify complex concepts, such as Sand Letters that assist in letter recognition by feeling formations.
• Expanded the range of learning through whole class, individual, and small group instruction, cooperative education, and math, science, reading, art, and multi-sensory learning centers.
• Led integrated social studies/writing units that allowed students to bridge the gap between real world issues and course material through research, interviews, and creative writing exercises.
• Challenged students to master basic math concepts using manipulative (food, squares of varying colors, sizes, shapes), graphing, and charting exercises that developed problem-solving skills.
• Integrated technology into the learning process with computer lab assignments using self-paced programs that developed students’ cognitive abilities and basic computer/keyboarding skills.
• Communicated with parents to acknowledge superior work and areas of concern through weekly newsletters, and encouraged parent-volunteer assistance throughout the year.

Community Education Center, Dallas, TX                     2005 – 2008
Teacher – First Grade
• Taught a first grade class with 27 regular and mainstreamed students.
• Implemented a Direct a Balanced Literacy Program utilizing a Whole Language and phonemic awareness approach to reading, science, and social studies in accordance to ELA, IEPs, state, and district standards.
• Used a buddy system to facilitate student partnering of non-readers with advanced readers.
• Ensured the class’s entry in the school’s first grade Power Literacy Program contest requiring the completion of 25 books a year and book report. Led class to achieve first place school-wide.
• Accessed students’ prior knowledge through use of graphic organizers that allowed students to preview a story beforehand, predict outcomes, and orally present findings in an effective manner.


Texas University, Dallas, TX
M.A., Elementary Education, 2005

Brighton College, Dallas, TX
B.S., Elementary Education, 2001


Windows / Macintosh; MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint;
various educational software titles