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Fill-In-The-Blank-Sentences For A Teacher Resume

Before you prepare your teacher resume, know that:

  1. A teacher’s resume is very different from a business resume.
  2. An Objective section is optional because a teacher can only apply for a position they are certified to teach.
  3. The Education section is always listed at the top of the teacher resume even if there’s extensive teaching experience.
  4. The Certifications category is listed second from the top, just under the Education section. If you switch the order it would still work.
  5. A profile or summary is not necessary to include on a teacher resume.
  6. The standard format for a teacher resume is chronological. It is common to see the dates in the left margin instead of the right margin the way a business resume is typically designed.
  7. Unlike a business resume, a teacher resume does not need to tell an elaborate back story or get too deeply involved in personal branding.
  8. Achievements are always important no matter what the occupation is. The difference, however, focuses on lesson plans and exciting projects.
  9. Other things that are included on a teacher resume include the types of assessments (anecdotal, running records), types of students (general education, special education), type of classroom (inclusion, self-contained), and teaching strategies (cooperative education, buddy system, scaffolding, teach teaching, small group, whole class, one-on-one, Circle Time, classroom debates, visual, tactile, auditory, push in, pull out, etc.)


If you are dually certified and are interested in one over the other, you can specify in an objective (see above).

If you prefer to leave your options open, you can do a double objective such as a Title versus a sentence such as General / Special Education Teacher, like this:

Address & Contact Info


The rest of the resume . . .

Be sure to include teaching related jargon so the reader understands.

Here are sample sentences & key words for your teacher resume or teacher cover letter:

Apply behavior management strategies that keep students on task while teaching and reinforcing positive behavior and social skills through [type of] ________  and [type of________ exercises.

Managed a __-student classroom in the areas of lesson plan / individualized lesson plan development and implementation, [function such as student evaluations] _________, and [function such as parent / CSE Team meetings or field trip coordination] _______________.

For a teacher cover letter:

I am a dedicated educator with [number of] ____ years of experience seeking a position as a [secondary education, elementary education, per diem substitute, art education, ESL, etc.] ________ teacher.

I currently alternate between [number of] __ schools on a [schedule] _______ basis to provide morning and afternoon coverage for [number of] ___ of [general education, special education] ____ students.

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