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Fill-In-The-Blank-Sentences For Nurse Resume

To improve your nurse resume, know the facts:

  1. A nurse resume should be brief and succinct. Not too fancy. It can be one or two pages, depending on the level of experience.
  2. A resume for a nurse varies depending on the medical environment worked such as medical center or private practice setting, patient populations such as pediatrics; medical surgical, or maternity; location, area of specialization such as OR, ER, or ICU.
  3. A short summary section is helpful for the reader and a good way to promote your qualifications quickly. Other categories include education and licensures, as well as other certifications and continuing education.
  4. Focus should be on number of patients, procedures, who you work with, patient education, and administrative experience such as discharge plans.



Pediatric Nurse

Charge Nurse

ICU Nurse

Operating Room Nurse

Emergency Room Nurse

Licensed Practical Nurse

Geriatric Nurse

Maternity Room Nurse

Here are sample resume sentences for a nurse resume:

Provide comprehensive nursing care for __________ and __________  patients undergoing __________  therapies.

Perform initial patient assessments and develop, maintain, and revise plan/discharge plan of care.

Administer wound care and medications, global antibiotics, and Total Parental Nutrition.

Set up and monitored a broad range of medical equipment that partially includes __________, __________ , __________ and __________.

Assume charge nurse responsibilities reporting directly to nurse manager to communicate floor status.

Precept floor / resident nurses in all areas of __________, __________ ,__________, and __________

Facilitate the recovery process through coordination of discharge planning in collaboration with __________,  __________ and__________ ,

Educated patients and families on post-discharge care with an emphasis on __________, __________ ,__________, and __________.

Charted patient status and liaison between all concerned to communicate changes.

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