Director of Human Resources HR Resume

Management professional with progressive, proven leadership experience in human resources, directing both workforce-development programs and HR initiatives. Select qualifications include:
Employee Grievances / Arbitration… Succession Planning and Implementation … 
Recruitment & Employment Management …HR Policies / Procedures Development …
Benefits / Compensation Coordination…Non-Union / Labor Employee Relations …
Merger & Acquisition Integration…Team Development & Leadership

Company, Town, XX, Date – Present
Program Development
• Develop Employee Health Services program to monitor and investigate infectious diseases, potentially harmful infectious exposures, and outbreak of infections among personnel,.
• Track employee physicals, MMR, licensure and certification, and Hepatitis B vaccinations.
• Oversee the design, development, and maintenance of policy manuals, job descriptions, performance evaluations, and personnel forms and personnel records.
• Control personnel transactions and reporting of personnel data using a position control file.
• Maintain deductions and payroll and administration of benefits, including pensions, annuities, health insurance, life insurance, and dental insurance.
Compensation / Benefits Coordination
• Monitor Workers’ Compensation claims and coordinate work between employees and the insurance carrier as well as track reported accidents.
• Monitor unemployment claims and assist in appeal processes.
• Conduct annual salary and wage surveys. Supervise completion of payroll.
• Write and oversee standards, policies, and procedures for Performance Evaluation and Pay for Performance increments.
Workforce Management
• Determine staffing requirements and track annual workforce turnover rates.
• Receive all new applications, obtain prior employment references, and distribute to managers.
• Coordinate and monitor risk management programs and conduct exit interviews.
• Maintain sound employee relations programs through chairing of Employee Relations Committee.
• Ensure employee grievances are implemented, maintained, and followed compliantly.
Regulatory Compliance
• Ensure strict compliance with federal and state employment regulations pertaining to wages, work hours, Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment compensation, and disability.
• Develop and implement personnel filing system that complies with current employment practices.
• Maintain compliance wing Affirmative Action Plan.
     University, Town, XX 
     B.A. in Human Resources Management
     MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint; PeopleSoft; HRIS

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