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Director of Campus Security Resume


* Campus Security Operations
* Risk Threat Assessment
* Budget Planning and Control
* Key Process Improvements
* Staff Leadership & Development
* Procedural Development
* 24X7 Emergency Response
* Workforce Restructuring
* Technology Implementation
* Communications Enhancement


Company, Windeltown, US, Date – Date

Direct the safety and security of a large campus with 15 buildings on a multi-acre site to ensure the protection of college property, faculty, staff, students, visitors, and vendors.

Manage campus security officers to ensure compliance with established security policies.

Oversee all aspects of security activities, from day-to-day normal activities to college special events such as college fairs, social activities, and fundraisers.

Directs and evaluates the effectiveness of complex security operations.

Handled the planning and tracking of a $150,000 budget covering payroll, technology and uniforms.

Develop and implements emergency management plans involving evacuation and fire drills.

Prepares incident reports and ensures compliance with FERPA and Clery Act guidelines.

Supervises and evaluates to performance of 35 campus security management personnel.

Managed criminal investigations and security threats working with the local police department.

Investigate allegations of abuse and harassment from students and faculty members.

Implemented the use of hand-held radios to drive communications with security team at all times.

Manage and track the maintenance and expenses of security equipment and vehicles.

Inspect the force’s uniforms and firearms to ensure professionalism and compliance.

Windeltown, US
B.S., Criminal Justice
MS Word and Excel

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