Data Center Manager Resume


Information Technology professional with a steadfast career ensuring the integrity of IBM mainframe operations within a Dual Site Data Center environment supporting the global financial industry.


Technical and General Business Management

Data Center Management – Production Control – Data Migration
Crisis Management – Project Management – Systems Conversions
Mainframe Operations – Change Process Management – Technical Documentation
Disaster Recovery Procedures – Upgrades / Installations – Vendor / Client Relations
Automated Operations – Data Safety / Climate Control – Quality Control


Company, Town, US    date to date

• Managed Shared Data Center operations with full accountability for the cost-effective, on-time management of mainframe functions with a focus on input/output trade data supporting the worldwide financial industry.
• Served as primary point of contact on a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week basis, in charge of coordinating critical disaster recovery procedures directly impacting the stability of data center operations.
• Developed and revised departmental procedure manuals to assist staffs in all aspects of mainframe operations.
• Implemented Quality Control procedures to ensure full compliance with company policies and procedures.
• Interfaced extensively with Help Desk teams to provide immediate support on pressing technical issues.
• Generated weekly statistical and department performance reports for senior management review.
• Delivered excellence in customer service through situation analysis and timely resolve of escalating problems.

• Guided all aspects of personnel management and leadership of shift operators in areas of interviewing, hiring, training, supervision, delegation, evaluation, and promotion recommendation.
• Provided continuous hands-on training of operators to promote the development of technical problem anticipation, identification, and troubleshooting skills.
• Ensured a committed support team through cross training of Computer Operations and Production Control staffs on system upgrades, disaster recovery tests, and data migration projects.
• Coordinated weekly staff meetings to discuss departmental issues, project initiatives, and action plans.

• Coordinated crisis management efforts as point of contact for major clients across the financial industry.
• Led mission-critical software implementation initiatives, overseeing all phases of beta testing cycles and revision of operational procedures in accordance with new system functions and requirements.
• Worked diligently to generate and upload (emailed as an auxiliary method) several weeks of Listed, Over-the-Counter, Surveillance, Netting, and Night of Comparisons trade data to the global brokerage community.
• Utilized Autoroute (output) to provide Internet services (Artmail) to more than 100 firms in the CICS region.
• Provided in-service training in areas of Datatrak (input) operations with an emphasis on downloading data to mainframes utilizing TCP/IP, data re-blocking (ISPF/PDF), JCL creation, and data verification procedures.
• Delegated instructions to Tech Support, Network, Batch Operations, and Middleware Operations.
• Played a vital role in the parallel testing and implementation of Outsourcing acquisitions.


Processors: 3090-200, 400, 600, 3084-Q96, 4381-P12, 3038-J24, 3033 AP, 3033 UP, 158-3, IBM 9672 (dual sites), Stratus, DEC (Compact)
DASD: 3380 (including D & E models), 3350, 3330-11, 3330-1, STC 4305, EMC, Shark
Tapes: 3480, 3420
Printers: 3800-3, 3800-1, 4348, 3211, 3211, 1403, 3900
Communications: 3725, 3705, 3174, 3274, 3745, 3172, CISCO, BCN

Other: 8100, 3890, 3044, IBM 2914 and various T-Bar switching units, DataGraphix Computer Output Microform (COM), Network Systems Corp. Hyper Channel equipment, controllers, redundant coupling facilities.

Data Storage / Tape Management, Storage Tek Tape Silo Systems: Timberline 9490, 488, 4410, Networking / Desktop, Windows 9x, 2000, NT, XP; LAN/WAN; UNIX; TCPIP; Microsoft Office Professional; Remedy

MVS, ESA, OS/390, VM, VTAM, JES2, TSO, CA-1 (Tape Management), CA-7 (Job Scheduling), CA-11 (Re-run, Re-start), TCPIP, MVS/SP2 (XA) MVS/SP1, JES2 MAS, JES2 RJE, JES2 NJE, ACF/VTAM, BTAM/SP, CICS/VS, IDMS, NCCF, NPDA, JES328X, 8100 HCF, Hyper Channel (HO15, NETEX, BFX), BDT, FTP, NDM, JCL, UCC 7, UCC 11, TLMS II, Super Console, STAM, SAR, SYSPLEX, ACF2, Omegamon/MVS, Information Management, TSO, ISPF/PDF, SDSF, AF/Operator, Tivoli Netview, SOLVE, CA-7, CA-11, FDR/ABR, RACF, z/OS 1.2 with JES2, CICS/TS version 2.2, DB2 version 7, MQSeries version 5.2, Boole/Babbage, IMS, RACF, DCL, DVP, RTTM



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