Cover Letter – Staff RN Assistant Nurse Manager



Mr. John Smith
Department Manager
ABC Company
1234 E. Main Street
Any Town, US 55555

Dear Mr. Smith:

As a an experience staff RN with experience as an assistant nurse manager, I am seeking to secure a position working within St. Joseph’s Medical Center providing care to a pre- and post-operative patients. For your review I have attached my resume.

With combined experience as a highly capable, dedicated and compassionate staff nurse and assistant nurse manager. I am regarded as a hardworking, energetic and personable nurse who creates a positive, environment for patients and staff.

In my current position as a staff nurse with We Care, I provide comprehensive, quality nursing care to pre- and post-operative patients on a 40-bed medical-surgical unit with 42 staff nurses and a nurse-patient ratio of 7-9:1.

The focus on my work is to ensure the delivery of quality, compliance patient care as a patient care provider by managing life-threatening post-operative complications, providing acute care to patients recovering from anesthesia and surgical procedures, and facilitating the recovery process through development of nursing care plans and discharge planning.

As an assistant nurse manager, I maintained a highly productive floor, in charge of staff schedules and performance monitoring. As a manager and mentor, I ensured my staff nurses used both critical thinking and technical skills at all times to ensure the delivery of competent patient care, exercising strong observation, assessment, intervention, and reporting skills.

I would like to join your nursing staff. For this reason, I hope to speak with you soon to learn about a position at your hospital.

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