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Cover Letter – Production Assistant / Associate Producer

Mr. HR Manager
Media Communications Company
1234 E. Main Street
Any Town, US 55555

Dear Mr. HR Manager:

Now that I have my Master’s degree in communications, I have launched highly targeted job search campaign to find a position that will utilize my creative and technical experience, education, and leadership abilities. It was well worth the effort because I learned that XO is currently seeking a Production Associate for it’s Production Department. I have attached my resume for your review to show you I am a perfect match for the position.

Your ad indicates that the right candidate will have experience and qualifications in areas of pre- and post-production. I offer this experience, along with four years of professional experience with MAMMA, an internship as an Associate Producer with SLIM CHANNEL X, and freelance work as an Associate Producer/Production Assistant on two independent film projects.

In each capacity, I have proven to all involved that I have what it takes to met the demands of workflow and people management requirements, using my own blend of intellect, artistic talent, and people skills.

In fact, I was often asked to stay on for more projects, and was even offered permanent positions during internships that I had to decline because of conflicts with my full time work and school schedule. I am excited to have a free schedule so I can take on these challenges!

My position with MediaComm is very secure. It has been a wonderful experience to work with such a fine organization. I learned a great deal, and contributed to the company’s growth in many ways.

However, now that I have my Masters degree, I am ready to move my career forward in a challenging, production-oriented position that will allow me the opportunity to work very closely with creative teams.

If you find me to be a suitable match, I would welcome a call to arrange a time to meet and discuss my future with your company.

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