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Cover Letter – Police Officer Transitioning To Corporate Security


Mr. John Smith
Department Manager
ABC Company
1234 E. Main Street
Any Town, US 55555

Dear Mr. Smith:

I am very interested in joining an organization such as (name the organization). During my online research, I was very excited to learn about the current opening for a security coordinator. For your review, I have attached my resume. I am confident you will find me to be more than qualified for the position.

As a law enforcement professional with eight years of experience as a Police Officer, four years of experience as a Corrections Officer, and three years of recent administrative experience in medical and legal office settings, I am seeking to return to the field of law enforcement working in corporate security, with an emphasis on fraud investigation, security operations, surveillance, and loss prevention.

At this time, I am working in the medical field while working towards my Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from College Name, where I previously earned my Associates degree in Police Science. The demands of my schedule can be stressful, but I am a hardworking, determined person who is adept at multitasking and dealing with a broad range of pressures to meet established goals with exceptional results.

As an addendum to my resume, the following summarizes the value I would bring to the appropriate position with your organization:

Research and Investigation

* As a Police Officer, I demonstrated my ability to research and secure hard-to-access resources to obtain vital information needed to identify and resolve criminal activities.

* Working within a correctional facility, I utilized strong observation skills and a keen ability to assess and thwart potentially threatening situations involving high-risk inmates.

* Conducting extensive research and pre-authorization checks on vendors of Durable Medical Equipment for referring practitioners throughout the medical community.

Verbal and Written Communication

* Maintain articulate communication skills that includes a fluency in Spanish.

* Received a Certificate of Appreciation for Language Translation Services.

* Possess excellent report writing skills essential to case development and court testimony.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to learn more about your how my qualifications would be a good fit for the position.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.

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