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Cover Letter – Marketing Student

Mr. Hiring Manager
ABC Company
1234 E. Main Street
Any Town, US 55555


Dear Mr. Hiring Manager:


I am very interested in joining an organization such as (name the organization). During my online research, I was very excited to learn about the current opening for a marketing assistant, and feel my qualifications and your requirements are a good match. For your review, I have attached my resume for your consideration.

I am a recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and four years of entrepreneurial experience in online marketing as the founder of a consumer products website. The business model is a “web mall” where visitors can find almost any brand name product offered by thousands of vendors. My vision to offer a diverse mix of products as a broker and affiliate partner has been realized and the business has shown great potential for long-term success.
Although the site has grown exponentially in the last two years, it is not something that I want to do in the long run. I want to work in a traditional setting where I can interact with other creative marketing professionals on exciting projects for major corporate clients.


I have always been fascinated by ABC’s broad portfolio of consumer products because they resonate with the average person. I see myself working in ABC’s marketing department in a position that will take advantage of my experience, training, and my ability to learn quickly, along with my ability to easily understand advanced concepts, assume increased responsibility, and complete assignments independently and as part of a team with measurable results.


I have the ability to apply traditional and innovative marketing approaches to achieve desired results, including SEO / SEM strategies. As a young entrepreneur, I have leveraged my creative talents, business knowledge of today’s web-based marketplace, including Web 2.0 platforms and social networking culture, such as Facebook, Twitter and hundreds of blog sites that I use to reach target markets.


It is important to note that I have had several offers from small business owners that are interested in acquiring my business, so please know that my current business would not be a conflict of interest. I am a reliable person who gives 100% to my commitments.


Can we speak by telephone to become acquainted and to learn more about how we can benefit one another? If so, I can be reached directly at (555) 555-555. Thank you for your time. I hope to speak with you soon.

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