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Cover Letter | Marketing Assistant




Dear Hiring Manager,


During my online search for a marketing firm seeking an marketing assistant with my qualifications, I was excited to learn about the current opening for a marketing assistant with your organization, and feel I have the requirements you are seeking. I have attached my resume for your consideration.


Throughout my marketing career, I have contributed to the success of leading publications that range from magazine to local newspapers with both general and niche market readerships. Working with talented editors has afforded me the level of hands-on experience to position me for greater roles and challenges in marketing and public relations.


As a marketing assistant with Ola and Xceed!, I was depended upon for my ability to multitask and prioritize assignments and to keep things together within a team environment working under immense pressure and under seemingly impossible deadlines.

In addition to communicating effectively with internal and external contacts, I kept track of information using client database, created and generated reports, and effectively managed key accounts that included major clients across vertical markets. In fact, I was the point of contact for clients when confirmation of information was needed as well as swift resolutions to problems when decisions makers were unavailable. In short, I was the trusted go-to person who could be depended upon to save the day!


In addition, I offer exceptional research, writing and proofreading skills, as demonstrated by my experience in creating correspondence, speeches, web content, e-broadcasts, and direct mail pieces such as brochures, mailers and catalogs inserts.


Thank you for your time. I look forward to being invited to interview for the position, as there is more to discuss than what my resume can fully cover.

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