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Cover Letter – HR Generalist Focused on Recruitment, Training, Development

Mr. John Smith
Department Manager
ABC Company
1234 E. Main Street
Any Town, US 55555

Dear Mr. Smith:

During my search for a company with the business philosophy and infrastructure that I have been accustomed to working in my entire career, I was excited to learn that PeoplePark is searching of a HR Generalist to manage its HR functions and communications between the U.S. Corporate office and overseas branches. I feel my experience managing the HR function for a major company dedicated to advocating for underprivileged populations makes me a good fit, as my attached resume will support.
In my fast-track career of 12 years with Arch Angels, I work in Corporate Human Resources, overseeing the HR function for this leading organization with locations worldwide and with more than 43,000 employees. Recognized for their contributions on behalf of the UN, this organization has helped women and children around the world to find the resources to survive, to educate their children, and to be safe.

I have a deep understanding of what makes an HR organization work efficiently — from recruiting, employee relations/counseling, compensation, benefits, retirement plans and performance management to policies and procedures development and implementation — I have done it all. In addition to my full scope role as an HR Generalist, I have a particular interest in and talent for the areas of employee recruitment, training and development.

The following is a synopsis of my diversified experience:

* Bottom line mentality applied to all HR management endeavors; strive for cost-containment goals and creative on-boarding strategies, such as student-exchange programs, to reduce overall expenditures.

* Innate ability to creative a collaborative, communicative organization that encourages HR and department heads to address issues in an effort to drive progress and both prevent / resolve setbacks.

* Exceptional people management skills and innate ability to lead, motivate and inspire direct reports at all levels of the organization.

* Effectively manage union avoidance strategies and maintain the company’s union-free status at multiple business operating sites.

* Track record for implementing standardized competency based performance management tools across the enterprise.

* Champion candidate selection processes to enhance new hire quality, reduced spending and outstanding employee training programs.

Thank you for your time, consideration and anticipated response.

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