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Construction Project Manager Resume

Construction Project Manager
Extensive knowledge of commercial and residential construction/renovation. Maintain an expertise in the use of tools, materials and technique. Possess a comprehensive understanding of business management. Work efficiently under inclement conditions and at extreme heights (scaffolding – up to 350 ft.)
Business Management
• Secure projects upon conceptualization of architectural design and cost.
• Expertly read architectural renderings.
• Handle all advertising, bookkeeping and customer relations.
• Oversee hiring and training of personnel. 
Supervisory / Training 
      Train apprentices in carpentry/construction, in the areas of: 
• Proper Use of Tools – Dormers
• Electrical/Plumbing State Codes – Framing
• Custom Decking – Windows
• Siding – Flooring
• Dry Walling – Cabinetry Design
Construction / Demolition  
• Coordinate all phases of residential / commercial construction and demolition, in the areas of cement pouring, framing, dry wall, window installation, dormers and decking.
• Lift and tie back structures up to five feet in height to prevent sagging by strategically securing steel leads at the structure’s foundation through use of hydraulics (up to four tons of pressure). 
• Plumbing: water pipe removal and installation; manage water pressure up to 300 lbs. 
     College, Town, XX 
     Degree Name, Major, Date

     College, Town, XX 
     Degree Name, Major, Date
     Computer Aided Drawing 

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