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Construction Plumber Resume

    Construction plumber offering strong experience, credentials and technical skills.

       Company One, Town, US                                                           date to date
       Licensed Journeyman, Residential/Commercial
• Performed custom and standard installation in areas of: 
–floor and wall tiles, dry wall, wood paneling and installation of faucets and other hardware fixtures.
–toilet, sink, tub and shower body units involving cutting, threading, soldering and type fitting pipes and valves; caulking and waterproofing; installation of fresh air and ventilation systems, hot and cold water supply lines, waste and drainage systems.
• Identified obstructions; planned plumbing design, layout and pipe fabrication and installation; channeled openings in walls, ceilings, and floors; hung steel supports from ceiling joists to secure pipes.
• Assembled pipe systems; cut and bent lengths of pipe using saws, pipe cutters and pipe-bending machines.
• Implemented welding, soldering, fittings and adhesives to secure cut lengths of copper and plastic piping.
• Measured, marked, installed and connected fixtures and appliances to exterior water and sewer lines. 
• Ensured integrity of plumbing systems through application of pressure gauges.
       Plumbers Union, Local 000, Any Town, US
       Certificate of Completion, 4-Year Apprenticeship Program 

       Diploma, Any Town High School

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