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Clinical Assistant Resume

Experienced clinical assistant seeking a senior level position in a progressive clinic, offering a bachelor’s degree in biology along with the following select qualifications and skills:
Ability to:
• Create, compose, and edit written materials.
• Perform basic patient assessments and referrals.
• Interact and communicate with people over the telephone, often in stressful situations.
• Gather data, compile information, and prepare reports.
Knowledge of:
• Patient registration procedures and documentation.
• Related accreditation and certification requirements.
• Clinical facilities and equipment.
Skilled in:
• Clinical operations and procedures.
• Medical billing procedures / terminology.
• Planning and scheduling clinic and lab related workflow.
• Patient care charts and patient histories.
• Purchasing of supplies, equipment, and services.
• Records maintenance.
• Receptionist activities.
• Personal computers and clinical software applications.
• Clerical, word processing, and office skills.
• Supervising and training staff members.


Clinical Facility, Town, XX , Date – Date
Clinical Assistant
Provide staff, logistical, and administrative assistance to a medical clinic. Triage patients and schedule appointments. Screens and refer phone calls and communicate and interact with patient. Provide clerical, word processing, and staff support to the unit and assist with lab procedures.
• Receive, screen, interview, and register patients or clinical research subjects/
• Takes and record vital signs in accordance with clinic guidelines.
• Respond to telephone inquiries, screens calls to determine nature and urgency of inquiry, refer calls and schedule appointments with practitioners.
• Obtain patient histories and insurance approvals.
• Prepare and update medical charts and associated records.
• Enter patient data into files and automated databases.
• Arrange for prescribed laboratory tests, specialist referrals, and diagnostic procedures.
• Transport drugs prescribed patient care aids.
• Collect, verify, record, and maintain data on clinical activity and research.
• Prepare associated reports as required.
• Order and maintain inventories of supplies to support clinical and administrative operations.
• Provide staff support in the areas of preparing reports, providing office services, scheduling and facilitating meetings and travel arrangements, and providing dictation or transcription services.
• Obtain and verify patient billing information, process patient accounts, and maintain records.
• Maintain the cleanliness of unit facilities and equipment; call maintenance for repairs.
• Supervise student interns and clerical staff.


University, Town, XX 
B.S. in Biology

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