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Facilities Maintenance Operations Management Resume

Resume Key Words

Facility Maintenance Operations
General Maintenance
HVAC System Maintenance
Energy Conservation & Sustainability
Quality Assurance
OSHA Compliance
Onsite Project Coordination
Capital Equipment Purchasing
Supplies & Chemical Purchasing
Budget Tracking & Control
Payroll Management
Crisis Problem Management / Resolution
Emergency Management
Groundskeeping / Landscaping
Beautification Projects
Renovation Projects
Workforce Hiring & Management
Staff Scheduling
RFP Bidding Processes
Tenant and Contractor Relations
Vendor Contract Negotiations
Workforce Management
Heating and Plumbing Maintenance
Quality Assurance
Site Inspections
Inventory Control
Preventative Maintenance
Tenant Relations
Contractor Relations
RFP Processes
Contract Negotiations
Energy Sustainabilty
CMMS Proficiency

Maintenance Man
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