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Article – Are You Pursuing The Right Career?

By Robin Ryan, American’s Top Career Coach

In one moment, your life can change forever.

Kathryn got called into the CEO’s office. It was a rare event and she got a little nervous when she entered. Her CEO began, “Kathryn, you’ve done a fantastic job here, particularly in forecasting sales revenues. Every one of us recognizes your contribution and talent so you’re being promoted to Director of Finance. Congratulations!”

Dave, an IT supervisor who had had a long career at the same company, strolled into the department meeting. He left with the shock of his life. The company would now be outsourcing the IT function, so Dave and all his team were being laid off–immediately.

Michael had hoped against hope, that a coveted dream job would soon be his. But when the phone rang, and he heard the interviewer on the other end, he held his breath as self-doubt filled his mind. The voice on the phone began slowly, saying, “Michael, we had several strong candidates. Your references spoke so highly of you that we feel lucky to have such a talented man want to join our team. We’re offering you the position, and we all really hope you’ll take it.”

Wow, in just seconds the unexpected, the unwanted, or even the dared to dream of! Things like this can change your life forever.

Today, so many people are struggling with their career situations. Promotions are fewer than ever before. Layoffs come swift and often. A job search is taking people six months to a year before they land a new position.

With the world of work this rocky, I recommend that you spend some time assessing who you are, what you’ve accomplished, what truly matters to you, and what you would still like to achieve.

Here’s a quick career checkup. Answering these questions can help you make 2007 a more satisfying year for you.

Am I happy with my career?
Am I using my strengths to build my career?
Am I doing the work I’m best suited for?
Am I being paid what my skills are worth?
What new skill am I developing?
What are my career goals this year?

Life is made up of choices. You control the job you choose, the amount of success that you experience, where you live, who your friends are, and what you are doing with your life. Give thought to how you want to spend your work days and if you aren’t pleased with your current situation map out a detailed action plan to change it.

I encourage you to strive to live a happier life. To be the best YOU, you can be. To see the special, unique, person inside of you and to allow yourself to flourish in your chosen work. Only you can implement an action plan that will lead to a life that’s truly rewarding, a life that enriches you every single day.

Robin Ryan has appeared on Oprah, Dr. Phil Show, NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, CNN, CNBC and is considered America’s top career coach. She is the author of The Ultimate Job Search Toolbox and creator of the highly acclaimed audio training program Interview Advantage and The DreamMaker.

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