Art Teacher Elementary School Resume



Maine Certified To Teach Art Education, K-12


Augusta University, Augusta, ME
 Bachelor of Science in Art Education


Einstein Elementary School, Augusta, ME | 2003 to Present
ART TEACHER, 4th and 5th Grades
• Teach art education while providing continuity of the creative learning process within visually stimulating studio art settings with up to 25 high school students per class.
• Plan, develop and guide exciting art lessons and group projects that inspire creativity and educate students on the cultural influences and history of ancient to modern art.
• Employ the use of traditional and innovative teaching methods that incorporate lecture, illustration, painting, sculpting, photography, multimedia, and computer art.
• Contribute to the District’s celebration of educational programs and holidays through art displays using award-winning and personally selected pieces from class projects and art fairs.
• Evaluate students’ understanding of art techniques based on verbal and artistic expression.
• Select books, order art supplies and maintain formal student assessments.
• Taught students basic to advanced computer graphics using PowerPoint and Adobe Photoshop.


Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Illustrator, Photoshop
Sculpture, Studio Art, Sketching, Computer Art, Illustration, Painting, Photography

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