Administrative Resume TemplatesResume Samples for Administrative AssistantsResume Cover Letters 

Every company has secretaries. Whether one secretary in a doctor's office or a pool of secretaries at a bank, there are many types of administrative jobs to consider. Job titles include department secretary, administrative assistant, executive assistant and office support clerk, to name a few. Workplaces vary, such as working in the corporate suites a senior administrative assistant with your own secretary (yes!), working as a secretary in a school district, or working as a secretary for the government. Review our administrative assistant resume samples to gleen ideas on how to write your resume.

Accounting Resume ExamplesSample Resumes for Accounting and FinanceSamples of Cover Letters  

Working in a financial role is a tedious line of work unless you love crunching numbers, looking for discrepancies, reconciling errors, investigating the cause of reporting errors, developing reports, and improving practices to ensure the integrity of financial projections. These kinds of positions can be very intense, especially around certain times of the year such as the end of the month or end of year, depending on their reporting cycle. Audits are a big part of this industry, and knowledge of regulatory guidelines are critical. Use our resume samples for your  accounting and finance resume. Maybe all you need is a few good words! 

Blue Collar + Management Resume SamplesResume Examples for Blue Collar TradesCovering Letters

If you like to get your hands dirty, enjoy tinkering with machinery, making something that was headed for the junk yard purr like a kitten again, or shape and maintain our landscape, a job in a specialized blue collar trade might just put the gas in your tank. And, our resume samples for blue collar trades can help you put it all together.

Creative / Designer Resume TemplatesResume Samples for Creative - DesignersExample Cover Letters

Are you continually making the world a more beautiful place in your mind, everywhere you go? When you walk into a room, do you think how much better the couch would look with a certain color curtain or throw pillow? If so, you might want to consider interior design as a career option. Take a look at our resume samples for various creative positions to get ideas.

Customer Service Resume ExamplesSample Resumes for Retail - Sales - Customer ServiceCover Letter Templates

What happened the last time you needed customer service? Was the customer service experience great or frustrating? Can you see yourself in that role and doing a better job? Did a CSR inspire you? CSR jobs are always in demand because people need customer service -- from banking and emergency road services to placing a take-out order. If you enjoy seeing people smile in response to how your treat them, and it makes you feel good to service others, a CSR position might be for you!

Hospitality Management Resume SamplesResume Samples for Hotel and Hospitality ManagementCovering Letters 

Love good food, vintage wine, and new friends? How about working long hours and managing so many details on a constant basis that you'd be amazed at how a 17-hour day could go by so quickly? Whatever is on your career menu, it's out there! Your resume doesn't need to be fancy, but it needs to be professional. View our resume samples for your field.

Legal Law Enforcement Resume TemplatesResume Examples for Legal - Law EnforcementResume Cover Letters

We live in a world where our security is continually being threatened, from the safety of our own homes to public spaces and our country at large. If you like protecting the innocent and catching the criminal, professions in legal / law enforcement might appeal to you. Our resume samples will show you how to word your resume.

Marketing PR Creative Services ResumesSample Resumes for MarketingCover Letter Examples

Do you like getting the message across to others about things, and celebrating things, even products, for what they are all about and finding the unique value proposition of items and brands? If this is something you like, there are endless opportunities in the field of marketing. You need to have a resume that has a sharp design uses a lot of colorful language. View our resumes to get a feel for what you can do. 

Medical Nursing Resume ExamplesSample Resumes - Nursing - MedicalCover Letter Samples

Do you like to understand the human body or mind, from either a medicine or holistic viewpoint? If you love the idea of working in a clinical role to research diseases or in direct patient care implementing treatments, health care offers a wide spectrum of occupational specialties to consider. Your resume should be conservative and on the plain side. The resume samples on our site for medical fields will give you  idea how to write a resume that is interesting in a clinical way.

Sales Corporate Retail Resume SamplesSample Resumes for Retail - Sales - Customer ServiceSamples of Cover Letters

Do you have a particular type of product that you would be interested in selling or can you see yourself servicing accounts to resolve problems? Go through our resume samples to see what others have done. You can aspire to manage a sales territory or oversee a team of sales or customer service representatives. The choice is yours!

Teacher Education Resume TemplatesSample Resumes for Teachers and EducatorsCover Letter Templates

Do you have a passion for everything education -- from reading good books to enjoying the look on the faces of children and adults when they learn something new? Do you find yourself showing people how to do things and hearing back, "You're so good at teaching. Our selection of resume samples for teachers will show you the right phrasing to use in your resume.

Technology Technical Resume ExamplesSample Resumes for Technical - TechnologyCover Letter Samples

Just as nearly everything we do involves electricity or gas, so does it involve some form of technology. When you think of technology, it breaks down into two groups -- hardware and software. Then two more groups -- the developer and the end user. Our resume samples for technology positions will show you various approaches to writing technical resumes.

Other Sample Resume SamplesResume Examples - Other Job TitlesResume Cover Letters

If you struggle with writing your resume, you represent many job seekers who want inspiration to do their own resume. Like you, they understand the work they do and would like to do. But, they do not know how to put it on paper. If you are up to the challenge of writing your own resume, our resume samples provide ready-to-go experience to help you. We are always add resources, so bookmark our site!






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